Surtex 2016 Highlights

Hi friends!

I've intended to write a Surtex recap ever since I got back a few weeks ago, yet I've been so busy catching up on work and following up with new leads, that I have put this post off repeatedly. I found some time today, so here are few pics, a couple of highlights, a handful of thoughts and some links to some really great recaps from other exhibiting artists!

Surtex was great! This was my first time to exhibit since 2005, and it was just as much fun as I remembered. I have to say, designing a 10x10 booth-- be it for Quilt Market or Surtex or the Cooper Young Festival-- is one of my favorite things to do! It is such a joy to create an entire environment based around my art!

I used several great resources when preparing for the show-- the best one being Khristian Howell's TradeShow and Tell guide and Facebook group (for users of the guide). The guide is packed with informative and inspirational videos, tons of helpful info about exhibiting at trade shows, and a schedule to help you keep on track with your planning. I found it very useful (and encouraging!) and I highly recommend it!! 

I've been reading some of the other recaps from this year and every person's experience really is unique. Our busiest days, our slowest days, the types of clients we met... it all varies widely from artist to artist. So many different factors (booth design, pre-show marketing, booth location, art style, appointments, etc) go into determining the kind of show each artist has, and it is so interesting to read about the show from the perspective of others. For me, the show was great-- I met new contacts for a wide variety of products including fabrics, gift wrap, wallpaper, rugs, lots of different coloring products, and stationery. I'm in the middle of followup now, and I'm hoping to turn some of these meetings into awesome collaborations!

Here are a few recaps that give a little more detail about the show if you are interested:

Jeanetta Gonzales is one of my favorite artists, and I loved everything about her booth! Read about her booth design and her overall experience in these two great posts! 

I met Amy L. Frazer first in the TradeShow and Tell Facebook group, then again (in person) bright and early on the first morning of Surtex setup. Although she is an experienced artist, this was her first time to set up at Surtex, and she wrote a really in-depth post about her experience. 

Misha Zadeh's booth was another one of my favorites and she shares photos and a great recap here on her blog!

Big thanks to Monica Lee for helping me out the whole week! Thanks to Nicole Tamarin for her positivity, helpfulness, and her Phillips head screwdriver! And thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth! It was so nice to meet you all, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch with all of my new artist friends and collaborating with new clients!



Recent iPad Artwork

My iPad Pro and Apple Pencil arrived last month and I've been putting them to good use! Here are a few of my favorite recent sketches. These first ones were created in a combination of Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw.

Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016
Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016
Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016
Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016
Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016
Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016

I've been playing a lot with the watercolor brushes in Adobe Sketch--- here are a few of my recent favorites using that tool.

Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016
Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016
Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016
Jenean Morrison iPad Artwork 2016

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have an awesome week!!

Capturing a New Coloring Page with Adobe

Hi there, friends! I hope your 2016 is off to a great start! Currently I'm working on a supercool project with the wonderful folks at Adobe, and we could use your help! As you may know by now, I am a huge fan of the Adobe mobile apps-- I use them in my work just about every day. Adobe Capture is one of my faves-- it has different components, but one of the things you can do is capture shapes and save them to your Creative Cloud library to use in your designs.

I've teamed up with Adobe to create a coloring page based on shapes that AdobeCapture users send in. The idea for this project is for you to capture something you love, submit the shape, then I'll combine the shapes into a coloring page just in time for Valentine's Day!

You can read all about the project here on the Adobe blog. You have until January 29th to submit your shapes, and I'll take it from there!

And speaking of Adobe Capture, here are some ways I'm using it with the newly-released public domain collections from the New York Public Library. Over 180000 images have been made available for use by the public, and artists are encouraged to remix and reuse the images. I used the Brush function in Capture to create a brush of the artwork below on the left. I then took that brush into Adobe Sketch and created the design on the right. The palette was created using the Colors function in Capture.

Jenean Morrison + NYPL Remix + Adobe Capture

Here is another one I created using the same process.

Jenean Morrison + NYPL Remix + Adobe Capture

For this design, I pulled a bird shape from one of the images, turned it into a brush and scattered it around in Sketch.

Jenean Morrison + NYPL Remix + Adobe Capture

Like many artists, I often gravitate toward the same shapes and colors, so this app provides a nice way to get outside of my head with my art! 

I'll be back soon with a few more updates and some new art to share. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the shapes that are submitted for the coloring page. Let me know if you submit anything--I'll keep an eye out for it!

Flower Designs Coloring Book, Volume 2

I'm so happy to let you know that Volume 2 of my Flower Designs Coloring Book series is now available at Amazon and other cool shops!

Flower Designs Coloring Book, Volume 2 by Jenean Morrison

If you enjoyed the first volume, I think you're going to love this one just as much! I've created 50 new designs for coloring, consisting of flower bouquets, floral mandalas, repeat patterns and really pretty stand-alone prints. Here are a few of my colored pages. Most of these were colored with Stabilo markers.

Flower Designs Coloring Book , Volume 2 by Jenean Morrison
Flower Designs Coloring Book, Volume 2 by Jenean Morrison
Flower Designs Coloring Book, Volume 2 by Jenean Morrison

I hope you'll share your colored pages-- I love seeing how you fill the designs with color! If you share them on instagram, please tag me: @jeneanmorrison or use the hashtag #jeneanmorrison so I can find them! I hope your holidays are going wonderfully!

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November Updates

I spent a wonderful week in Los Angeles last month for the AdobeMax conference. While attending I also collaborated with attendees in the Adobe Make It booth, sharing tips and techniques for working in the Adobe mobile apps on the iPad. The conference is a great mix of information and inspiration, and I even had a chance to try out the new iPad Pro! Word on the Apple site says they are going on sale in November and I can't wait!

As usual I returned from Max full of inspiration and energy to create. I painted ten new paintings over the course of the last month, and they are all for sale starting tonight as a part of the 12th Annual St. George's Fine Art Show. They are acrylic on canvas and range in size from 16" x 16" to 24" x 24". I'll list any of the paintings that don't sell in my shop next week! I'm also working on some new works, and I'll be opening up my studio for visitors quite a bit between now and the new year.

© 2015 Jenean Morrison. "Wanderlust", Acrylic on Canvas
© 2015 Jenean Morrison "Departure" Acrylic on Canvas

Here is an iPad sketch using the same layout and concept. I created it in Adobe Photoshop Sketch. I really love the new watercolor brushes the came with the latest update!

© 2015 Jenean Morrison iPad Sketch created in Adobe Photoshop Sketch

In case you missed it, I contributed a downloadable coloring page to one of my favorite sites, Design Mom. You can download and print the page as many times as you'd like, giving you plenty of opportunities to try new techniques and coloring styles!

Coloring Page by Jenean Morrison for Design Mom
Coloring Page by Jenean Morrison for Design Mom

I also recently received copies of my coloring books from both my Brazilian and Italian publishers! It is always so exciting to see how publishers in other countries choose to interpret the book covers. These are from Newton Compton Editori, and they are just gorgeous! They are hard cover books, but the covers are padded and really beautiful!

Jenean Morrison Coloring Books for Newton Compton Editori

And here are the books from Brazil, published by Edipro. They kept the layout the same as I had it, but they combined the colors in a really beautiful way! I love them so much!

Jenean Morrison Coloring Books by Edipro, Brazil


One more note... Amazon has my 2016 Coloring Calendar marked down to $31.49! It is a great price for 300+ pages of coloring. I think you are going to love it!

2016 Coloring Calendar by Jenean Morrison

 I hope your November is off to an awesome start!!

2016 Coloring Calendar + The Super Awesome Coloring Book

I recently published two new coloring books, and I'm really excited about both of them! The first was a collaboration with Mark Cesarik, an artist I met back when we were both licensing our work to Free Spirit Fabric. I've always been a fan of Mark's work and jumped at the chance to work with him on a coloring book. The result: The Super Awesome Coloring Book!

The artwork is all Mark's-- I came on board to help optimize the designs for coloring, since I've had quite a bit of experience at this point! I really love Mark's wide variety of subject matter and his quirky design sensibilities. Here are a couple of the pages I've colored from the book:

Super Awesome Coloring Book by Mark Cesarik, edited by Jenean Morrison
Super Awesome Coloring Book by Mark Cesarik, edited by Jenean Morrison

I really enjoyed the collaborative process and hope to work with other artists in the future! I also recently designed and published a great big, giant 2016 Coloring Calendar. 

The book is 1.4" thick, weighs 3.9 pounds and has over 300 pages to color throughout the year. Each page is unique, with a colorable design as well as a place to jot down notes or keep track of your big ideas!

Jenean Morrison 2016 Coloring Calendar

The pages contain designs from four of my previously published books as well as over 100 new designs. My favorite part of the book might be the patterns on the spines. I love how they look when stacked!

2016 Coloring Calendar by Jenean Morrison

I hope you have a great weekend! I have some fun things planned for the holiday season, so I'll update you on those soon. If you want to follow along in between blog posts, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook

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