Lovelorn, my new fabric collection for Free Spirit Fabric, will be making its debut at Spring Quilt Market next month.  Melissa at 100 Billion Stars has been hard at work making samples for the show.  I love working with her on my collections because she really knows how to make the fabrics shine! 

Ottomans in Lovelorn Fabric by Jenean Morrison.

Melissa also takes the best photos, and often enlists the help of this sweet little cat!

Anna Maria Multi-Tasker Tote in Lovelorn Fabric by Jenean Morrison

The tote above is Anna Maria Horner's Multi-Tasker Tote-- I love this pattern!  The dress below is a Kay Whitt pattern, found at McCall's.

Dress in Lovelorn Fabrics by Jenean Morrison.

Of course the curious cat has to check it out, too!

Dress Featuring Lovelorn Fabrics by Jenean Morrison.

And finally, here is a quilt I designed using all of the fabrics in the collection.  Good news!  We'll be offering this as the free quilt pattern when the fabrics are released this spring!

Lovelorn Quilt by Jenean Morrison.
Lovelorn Quilt by Jenean Morrison

You can view the entire collection here.  It starts shipping in May, so look for it in your favorite shops soon!

Uppercase Magazine Surface Pattern Design Guide

I'm excited to share that my work will be featured in the Uppercase Magazine Surface Pattern Design Guide, available next month in Issue #21 of Uppercase!  I love this magazine so much, and am so happy to be included in this guide alongside some of my favorite designers!

Cover art by Jan Avellana.

Cover art by Jan Avellana.

I submitted nine patterns, and three of the ones below will be included in the guide. 

Jenean Morrison Uppercase Pattern Design Submissions

This magazine is really special, as most of you probably already know.  If not, you should pop over to the site and have a look around.  Uppercase is always filled with great design inspiration, and is one of the most beautiful magazines available today!  If you want to subscribe starting with the April issue, you can get $15 off your subscription using this code:  USPDG2014

Also, be sure and check out this video where Uppercase editor Janine Vangool talks about how to stand out in Surface Pattern Design.  Great information mixed with some gorgeous imagery!

Wishing Well Quilt Pattern

I've got a great download for you today!  Click below for a FREE pdf quilt pattern using my Wishing Well fabric collection for Free Spirit Fabric!

I designed this quilt, and Melissa at 100 Billion Stars sewed it right up!  I love the way it turned out!  I designed these fabrics over a year ago, and I still have a huge crush on gingham!

Wishing Well Quilt

I also wanted to tell you about another awesome pattern, available in Pannay G's etsy shop!  Pannay is a Memphis girl who helped me out last year by getting a bunch of stuff ready for me to take to my schoolhouse.  She teaches quilting and sewing at Sew Memphis, my absolute favorite local shop.  Pannay was lightning fast, and the results were gorgeous!  She came up with all kinds of creative goodies.  This bag was my favorite!


And lucky for you guys, she sells this downloadable PDF pattern (and some other cute ones) right here in her shop!


New Business Cards and Some Coaster Curtains

Last month I attended Alt Summit, and in preparation I created some new business cards.  I really liked the cards I'd been using, but I felt it was time for something new.  And if you are ever going to bring your business card A-game, Alt Summit is the place to do it!  Check out some of the great business card round-ups at the bottom of this post!

Jenean Morrison business cards

I decided to go with double-sided round cards this year, which allowed me to use some of my new hand-drawn mandalas as part of the design.  My original plan was to give, in addition to the cards, a set of coasters to everyone I met, so I had these printed also.

Jenean Morrison coasters

They came back from the printers considerably thinner than I had imagined, so I held on to them instead of handing them out.  The other day I had the idea to use them as curtains, so I punched a bunch of holes in them and strung them together with some simple rings.

Jenean Morrison coaster curtains

It has been a dark, cold winter here in Memphis, but yesterday the sun finally shined!  I hung them from a tension rod and let the sun shine though!

Jenean Morrison coaster curtains.

Such a lovely visual.  I couldn't help getting a little artsy with some photos!

Jenean Morrison coaster curtains.
Jenean Morrison coaster curtains.

I hope the sun is shining brightly where you are today!

Here are a few great Alt Summit business card roundups:

Moorea Seal

Paper 'n Stitch

Friday We're in Love

Suburban Bitches

You'll find a TON of great inspiration in these cards!

Giveaway: Smart Creative Style E-Course Scholarship

Thank you all so much for entering!  I LOVED reading your comments, and listening to your stories!  You are all so amazing and I wish you the best with your careers!  I wish I afford to send you all through this e-course, but alas, we can only have one winner!  And the winner is.... HEATHERLEE CHAN!!  Thanks again, everyone! 

Hi everyone!  Big news today!  I've teamed up with Monica Lee from Smart Creative Women to offer one lucky winner a paid spot in Monica's upcoming ecourse, Smart Creative Style.  It is a $440 value, and I am so excited to share this with one of you!  You are going to LOVE this course!

Smart Creative Style ecourse from Monica Lee.

I took this course the first time Monica offered it, and it was eye-opening, to say the least.  I don't know if you guys have noticed this or not, but in the last few years there has been an influx of artists entering the world of surface design and licensing.  Now, more than ever, there is a need to stand out and be noticed.  This isn't just limited to artists-- it goes across the board as we are all trying to figure out where we fit in and where we stand out!  The best way to do that is to develop and cultivate your very own style.  Monica's class takes you on a deep journey to find your own unique voice and carry that voice across multiple platforms--from your identity to your product offerings; from your logo to your website; from your business policies to your marketing plan.  Monica has brought in industry experts such as Rachel Shingleton, Sarah Jane Wright, Amy Flurry and Amy Butler; and they all offer amazing insight and advice.  One of my favorite guests was Khali Whatley, who came on several times offering the best business and marketing advice I've ever heard!  And it is delivered in the sweetest voice and the cutest accent-- just a little bonus while you are listening to all of that business talk!

For me, this course made me see myself in a whole new way.  Just by the sheer number of hours I have put into art and design, I know I've developed a style that is unique to me.  I started working toward this career in 2004, and now that it is 2014 I have put in my 10000 hours.  Ok, maybe 20000 by now.  Still, it can be hard to see your own style from the inside looking out.  I remember having a conversation several years ago at Quilt Market with Marisa from Creative Thursday, Lizzy House and Liz Kalloch.  I remember saying to them, I know who you guys are as artists--I can see it so clearly!  And Marisa replied, we know who you are.  I remember thinking, really?  Because I'm not sure I know-- how can you guys know? 

During the SCS course, one of our assignments led me to create this board on Pinterest:

Pinterest board-- Jenean Morrison
Pinterest Board-- Jenean Morrison

I didn't look at it while I was pinning, but once it was finished and I saw it, I couldn't believe all of the detailed work I was drawn to!  If you are familiar with my work, this might be obvious to you, but seeing and analyzing these images was really exciting for me!  Later, I did an image search on myself and this is what came up:

Jenean Morrison image search

Oh, the detail!  There it was, right in front of my eyes--haha!  I'd just been way too close!  Obviously, I know what I like, and I know what I like to design.  I'm not saying it was a complete shocker to realize how much I love detail, the 1960s, and a very specific palette, but it was really nice to see this all together.  And, when mixed with all of the other exercises and audios/videos from the class, it was extremely beneficial.   Now it is time to take it even further!  I took Smart Creative Style toward the end of last year, and I am steadily working to implement the things I learned.  Pairing the knowledge I gained from both this course and Alt Summit, I have a very clear idea of where I am headed with my business!  And I am going confidently down that road knowing that my path and my plans are not like anyone else's!  I have BIG ideas, folks, and this course played a huge part in helping me identify and focus on those plans and ideas! 

By the way... one of the things I realized recently was that I want to give more and share more with you guys!  This scholarship is a great place to start, right?!  Leave a comment below to be entered in this drawing.  (Click on the link to the left below the date, where it says "comments").  I'd love to hear why you want to take the course and what you hope to discover!  I'll choose a winner on Monday morning, 10am CST, so you have until then to get your comments in!  The course starts Tuesday, so get ready to discover your own smart, creative style!

NOTE:  Comments close at 10am CST Monday, February 10th.  I'll be posting the winner soon after!