This Art Has Cooties

I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of an awesome group show happening tomorrow night here in Memphis!  The show is called "This Art Has Cooties," and was curated by Elizabeth Alley.

Jenean Morrison "The Eclipse"  Acrylic and Marker on Canvas

I've known Elizabeth for years and have long admired her beautiful art! This show features 15 female artists from the area. I can't wait to see everyone else's work. 

Jenean Morrison "The Adventure", Acrylic and Marker on Canvas, 2014.

I've been exploring some new styles with my paintings over the last six months, and I'm really happy with this new direction.  (For those not familiar with my previous style, here are a few of my paintings from 2013 and before.)  I created a lot of new work as I prepared for this show, as I wanted to have several paintings to choose from.


This art combines so many of the things I'm passionate about-- there is obviously a strong connection with my pattern design.  And I've most certainly been influenced by the beautiful quilts I see every day in my Instagram feed!

Jenean Morrison, Acrylic and Marker on Canvas, 2014.

The show is tomorrow night (Friday, June 6th) at Marshall Arts, 639 Marshall, Memphis, Tennessee. View the Facebook invite here. The show is also listed in the Memphis Flyer "We Recommend" section!  And Fredric Koeppel reviews the show here.  Hope you see you Memphis folks there!