2016 Coloring Calendar + The Super Awesome Coloring Book

I recently published two new coloring books, and I'm really excited about both of them! The first was a collaboration with Mark Cesarik, an artist I met back when we were both licensing our work to Free Spirit Fabric. I've always been a fan of Mark's work and jumped at the chance to work with him on a coloring book. The result: The Super Awesome Coloring Book!

The artwork is all Mark's-- I came on board to help optimize the designs for coloring, since I've had quite a bit of experience at this point! I really love Mark's wide variety of subject matter and his quirky design sensibilities. Here are a couple of the pages I've colored from the book:

Super Awesome Coloring Book by Mark Cesarik, edited by Jenean Morrison
Super Awesome Coloring Book by Mark Cesarik, edited by Jenean Morrison

I really enjoyed the collaborative process and hope to work with other artists in the future! I also recently designed and published a great big, giant 2016 Coloring Calendar. 

The book is 1.4" thick, weighs 3.9 pounds and has over 300 pages to color throughout the year. Each page is unique, with a colorable design as well as a place to jot down notes or keep track of your big ideas!

Jenean Morrison 2016 Coloring Calendar

The pages contain designs from four of my previously published books as well as over 100 new designs. My favorite part of the book might be the patterns on the spines. I love how they look when stacked!

2016 Coloring Calendar by Jenean Morrison

I hope you have a great weekend! I have some fun things planned for the holiday season, so I'll update you on those soon. If you want to follow along in between blog posts, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook

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