A "Hot" Rug!

I should probably wait until I have more to show you (and more details to share), but whenever something like this happens I find it impossible not to blog about it immediately.  And okay, I'll admit I also call everyone I know, post a link on Facebook and, well, I do everything short of stopping strangers on the street.  Seeing my designs come to life on products is one of the best parts of designing.  It might be THE best part although the actual designing is always so much fun that it is a close call.  Still, there is something so rewarding about seeing the designs in action!  Here is my first attempt at rugs:


I've designed six rugs for The Rug Market and although I haven't seen any of them up close yet, this one recently appeared on the Home Accents Today blog in the "What's Hot" section.  My rug is "Hot"... how unbelievably cool!!  I think I say this in almost every post but I'll say it again... "I'm so excited"!