Another Great Trip to Market!

Hi guys!  I've missed you!  Please forgive me for taking so long between posts.  Sometimes when I travel it takes me a while to unwind and get back in the swing of things.  But I feel well-rested now and ready to go!

Well, Quilt Market was wonderful, as usual!  I got to see lots of old friends and I met a ton of nice new people!  I didn't get as many pictures as I would've liked, but I have a few to share with you!  Here is the quilt that Free Spirit had made for their booth.  I just love it!!  I love that it seamlessly blends both colorways and really highlights the medallions! 


Here I am in the Free Spirit Finished Products booth:


I'm holding one of the fabric-covered journals that matches my dress!


Oh, yeah... and check out the dress!!  I made it!  Yes, you read that right!  I sewed this with my own two hands (and a sewing machine) (oh, and some parental supervision)!


I used this pattern, but couldn't conquer the collar so I improvised with some ribbon instead. 


The collar was a little advanced for me.  I'll have to work my way up to that!

These are some of my Schoolhouse props, patiently waiting for their time in the spotlight.


And here are the dolls, hanging out in the classroom wearing their gorgeous dresses designed and created by Valentine Westphal!!!


Don't they look cute?!?

Giving my schoolhouse was SO much easier this time around!  A couple of things happened that made it all go a lot smoother than the last time.  First, my wonderful husband was with me and just having him near me really calmed me down.  And he helped with everything from setting up to passing out brochures and holding up the quilts during the presentation.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to need him at all future schoolhouses!  Second, the schoolhouse before mine was canceled, so I was able to get into the room 20 minutes before the class started.  This gave me more than enough time to set up so there wasn't the usual stress of trying to do it all in five minutes.  Third, having given a schoolhouse before I kind of knew what to expect so it wasn't nearly as scary.  And finally, the crowd was so friendly and responsive that it made me really relaxed.  I felt like I was in a room full of friends and we were all just hanging out!  The room was just as friendly when I gave my presentation in Pittsburgh, but I was so overwhelmed by it all that I didn't get to appreciate it as much.  This time I was able to really look at people and make eye contact and I felt a genuine connection.  It was very, very nice!  A special thank you to a most wonderful audience!

My apologies for making this Quilt Market recap all about me, me, me!  I saw so many beautiful booths but I didn't take any pictures this time!  I've seen some amazing market coverage, however, so I'm going to put up a few of those links for you.

I can't believe I missed seeing these girls, but it looks like they had a great time:  Craft Apple.

I love that Julie has an entire blog specifically dedicated to her yearly trips to market:  Julie at Quilt Market.

Jona from Fabritopia consistently has the best market recaps!  Her coverage is fabulous and she got some great pictures of Ashley's amazing quilts being shown during my schoolhouse!  She also said she has ordered the entire California Dreamin' line and she's expecting it next week!!  Stop Staring and Start Sewing!

As always, True Up has some fabulous photos and great recaps!  And there is much, much more to see at Show & Tell, Mod Kid Boutique, Ever Kelly, Fabric Family Fun, Confessions of a Craft Addict, and Juicy Bits!  I thought I had a few more sites bookmarked but this is all I can find right now.  Lots of great stuff to look at!!

It was so nice to see so many friends again and I loved meeting so many new people!  Thanks to everyone for making these experiences so fun and memorable!!   Can't wait to see you all again!