Delta Exhibition 2012

This past November one of my paintings was chosen to be a part of the 2012 Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock.  This is the painting, titled Rosetta, and created in 2011. 

I shipped the painting out in December.

And was thrilled to see it hanging in the exhibition this past Thursday!

It was really cool seeing my work in the show.  It was fun seeing people's reactions.  I mean, I tried not to watch them in an obvious way.  But no one knew who I was so it felt ok.  I didn't eavesdrop or anything!  I just watched.  And one of the cool things was that people seemed intrigued by the texture.  I saw a couple of people looking at it closely from the side, trying to get a better view.  I even watched a woman (not the one pictured below) stare it from several different angles, then give in to the impulse to touch it.  Then the person she was with touched it.  While I know that's a no-no when viewing art, I kind of liked that they did it.  I liked that they were that curious.

The opening was packed, and we had a great time.  After being gone for a week to Alt Summit, it was nice to take a road trip with Joel and spend some time together.

The show runs through March 28th, so if you find yourself near Little Rock, you should check it out.  There is lots of really wonderful work in the show!