"Spot Luck"

Urban Outfitters has kindly picked up another of my Society 6 prints!  This has been one of my favorites for a while, so I'm happy they selected it. 


Laptop skins and iphone cases also available!


I've been playing around with my art quite a bit lately.  I always want to maintain a consistent style with my work, but I also want to surprise you (and myself) every now and then!  The only way this can happen is if I allow myself plenty of time to experiment and try new things.  Sometimes I will make work where I have a clear and distinct vision, and I execute it precisely.  This work would probably be a good example of that.  I did play around a little with the texture of the dots, but the end result was very close to what I imagined when I started working on it.

On the complete other end of the design process, I had NO idea of how this work below would turn out when I started.


I think you'd be quite surprised to see this in its early stages.  I transformed the work and pushed the idea until it reached a place where I felt like I had come up with a truly original work of art.  I couldn't be happier with the results!  Here are the accessory products:


I created this print using the same combination of techniques:


While I must work with purpose in creating art for my licensing clients, I have to take time to do work like this.  While this particular design may not translate directly to fabric or other products, I learned a lot while working on this.  I discovered new ways to create work, and new techniques to infuse into future work.  Plus, loosening up and playing around is fun!

I wish for you a fun, creative and inspired week!