"Wild World" Fabric Flower Art

I've been playing around with options for the fabric flower artwork I wrote about in this tutorial.  I've made a few fun changes, one of the most exciting being that this time around I used my new Big Shot die-cutting machine from Sizzix!  Wow!  What a time-saver.  AND, look at these adorable flowers:

In the original tutorial, I used my Power Pop fabrics and a plain white canvas.  The result was an explosion of bright, happy color.  This time I decided to go a little softer, using a linen-covered canvas and fabrics from my Wild World collection for Free Spirit.  I love this softer, more scattered version.

And I absolutely LOVED using the Big Shot!  It was so simple and easy to use.  And it was nice being able to cut out so many flowers so quickly.  You'll also notice that I did some layering this time around--the precision of the die-cutting made this work out beautifully.  Full disclosure:  as I mentioned in the previous post, Sizzix and Westminster fibers have partnered to bring these machines to the quilting community.  This machine was kindly sent to me by the nice folks at Sizzix.  Now that I've had the chance to play with one, if Sizzix hadn't sent me one I would probably be ordering one right now!  I cannot wait to try more projects using this machine!

I really love the added texture of this linen canvas.  And it makes for a nice layout to go from the larger flowers at the bottom to fewer, smaller ones up top.  The possiblities are truly endless!  I'm thinking about trying this with some of my Silent Cinema scraps next.

If you don't have a die-cutting machine, don't fret.  This is a great tool, but keep in mind that I cut all of these flowers with scissors and the artwork turned out just great! 

I sure hope you all had wonderful, relaxing weekends.  I feel well-rested, and I'm happy to be back in the groove and working away!  I hope your week is off to a great start, too!