Working Smaller

I created this painting over the past week in between design projects.  I love having a painting on the floor in the second room of my studio.  It is nice to get away from my desk, especially during times of stress or frustration, and sit on the floor and paint.

This is one of the smallest paintings I have ever done.  It is 10" x 10" and I like that I was able to finish it more quickly than with my larger paintings.  Still, it is tough making the adjustment to smaller scale.  I recently did a series of 12" x 12" paintings, but because I like to put so much into them and fill them with dots, I find that sometimes the smaller works look too crowded.  My ideal size is probably 20" x 20".  One of my goals is to occassionally create some smaller, less detailed paintings (maybe around 6" x 6") that take less than 40 hours to complete so that I can offer them at a much lower price point.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  It would probably be a nice exercise and quite a challenge to work that small!