Geometric Designs

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Just a quick post to share some of the geometric designs I created last week using the iPad, Adobe Line and the Ink & Slide.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I love these tools and this new way of working! 

Jenean Morrison Pattern, iPad, Adobe Line, Adobe Ink & Slide, 2014.

These first two designs were primarily hand-drawn using the stylus.  I used the ruler to map out the blocks, then drew and colored the designs freehand.  I really like the organic look of these lines.

Jenean Morrison Pattern, iPad, Adobe Line, Adobe Ink & Slide, 2014.

These bottom two relied heavily on the drafting tools-- rulers and shape templates.  I've just started exploring these precision tools, and they are definitely a lot of fun.  It looks similar to designs that I might create in Illustrator, but I was able to do it right there on my iPad.

Jenean Morrison Pattern, iPad, Adobe Line, Adobe Ink & Slide, 2014.
Jenean Morrison Pattern, iPad, Adobe Line, Adobe Ink & Slide, 2014.

Having only worked on a desktop for the last few years, I appreciate the freedom that comes designing on a mobile device.  I've mainly been using it while on the sofa or the front porch, but I'm taking a quick trip to Texas to see family this week and am happy to be taking my iPad along!  I'll be back next week with a look at my next fabric collection, Star Landing.  Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for sneak peeks!

New Tools = New Inspiration

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It's so interesting how sometimes new tools––be they apps, devices, or something as simple as a new paintbrush or pen––can inspire you to do new things with your art. I'm still loving the Adobe drawing apps and their Ink & Slide––so much so that I can't seem to stop using them!  Seriously, I have sketched on the iPad every day since I got these new tools.  These apps really encourage creativity and spontaneity while sketching.  There is an amazing freedom in being able to erase and/or color over anything you've already done.  Plus, I can do things on the iPad that I could never do on paper.  For example, in the design below I used the marker tool to color in the green background.  I then drew on top of the background with a lighter color.

The past couple of weeks I've created some Mid-Century-inspired designs as well as some patterns.


I've made several of these designs available on iPhone cases and prints in my Nuvango shop! I'll be posting more of these here soon and on my Instagram because I can't stop drawing!!

All artwork created on the iPad Air using Adobe Line and Adobe Ink.

Sketching with Adobe and the Ipad Air

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I'm completely head-over-heels in love with my Ipad Air, my new Adobe drawing apps and my Adobe Ink & Slide!  For a while now I've been drawing with Adobe Ideas and the Wacom Creative Intuos Stylus.  This has been a really great combo, and I've loved the results (see my Instagram feed).  But now, with the addition of these two new apps, I'm able to do more and thus I can experiment more.

Ipad, Adobe Line, Adobe Ink and Slide, 2014 by Jenean Morrison.

I've really been opening myself up to this new way of working.   Adobe Line is actually a great tool for precision, but I've been enjoying the organic results I get from loosely playing with shapes and color. 

Ipad, Adobe Line, Adobe Ink and Slide, 2014 by Jenean Morrison.
Ipad, Adobe Line, Adobe Ink and Slide, 2014 by Jenean Morrison.

I resisted buying an ipad for the longest time.  I just didn't see the need for it in my life.  When I finally got one several months ago, I realized I'd been missing out on a whole new wonderful way of creating art!  I had no idea how much I would enjoy this, and I love the effect it has had on my work!

Ipad, Adobe Line, Adobe Ink and Slide, 2014 by Jenean Morrison.

If you try any of these apps or products, you must let me know what you think!  I think you are going to fall in love, too, if you haven't already!  You can see more of my drawings here in my Ipad Sketches gallery.

Weekend Work

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I love weekends!  One might think that since I work from home the weekends aren't any different from the weekdays.  But they are!  I find I can be hard on myself during the week, telling myself to be more productive, make more designs, answer more emails, blog more, etc.  But on the weekends I can just let it all go.  And I'm often more productive on the weekends because I'm relaxing and not pushing myself to do more.

Jenean Morrison Drawing-- Acrylic and Marker on Paper, 2014

This is a series of drawings I did over the past week, with the majority of them happening over the last couple of days.  I've mentioned this before, but I love moving from design to drawing to painting to crafting and back again.  I think it keeps the work fresh, and it certainly keeps my brain artistically stimulated in a way that I love and need.

Jenean Morrison Drawing-- Acrylic and Marker on Paper, 2014
Jenean Morrison Drawing-- Acrylic and Marker on Paper, 2014

I have quite a few of these in the works so I'll be adding them to the site soon.  Some work better than others, but overall I am happy with the mix of painterly elements and the more strict graphic line work.

Jenean Morrison Drawing-- Acrylic and Marker on Paper, 2014

One of my Instagram friends said the one above reminded her of one of the old "canned ham" travel trailers.  I love that!  I love how abstract work lets the viewer contribute to the story!


I hope your weekend was awesome and that you had lots of time for relaxing/working!

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This Art Has Cooties

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I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of an awesome group show happening tomorrow night here in Memphis!  The show is called "This Art Has Cooties," and was curated by Elizabeth Alley.

Jenean Morrison "The Eclipse"  Acrylic and Marker on Canvas

I've known Elizabeth for years and have long admired her beautiful art! This show features 15 female artists from the area. I can't wait to see everyone else's work. 

Jenean Morrison "The Adventure", Acrylic and Marker on Canvas, 2014.

I've been exploring some new styles with my paintings over the last six months, and I'm really happy with this new direction.  (For those not familiar with my previous style, here are a few of my paintings from 2013 and before.)  I created a lot of new work as I prepared for this show, as I wanted to have several paintings to choose from.


This art combines so many of the things I'm passionate about-- there is obviously a strong connection with my pattern design.  And I've most certainly been influenced by the beautiful quilts I see every day in my Instagram feed!

Jenean Morrison, Acrylic and Marker on Canvas, 2014.

The show is tomorrow night (Friday, June 6th) at Marshall Arts, 639 Marshall, Memphis, Tennessee. View the Facebook invite here. The show is also listed in the Memphis Flyer "We Recommend" section!  And Fredric Koeppel reviews the show here.  Hope you see you Memphis folks there!

Lovelorn Quilt Pattern + Sew Memphis Event

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Hi friends!  I've got some fun stuff coming up this weekend, including this fabulous event at Sew Memphis!  I love my local fabric shop SO much!  The shop is absolutely adorable, and they are carrying the entire line of Lovelorn fabrics!  I hope you Memphis folks can join us this Sunday from 2-4!  We'll have some door prizes, snacks, wine, coffee and great conversation!  Oh, and all of my fabrics will be on sale!  Yay!

Lovelorn Fabrics by Jenean Morrison

Speaking of Lovelorn, I just had to share this photo from Free Spirit Fabric!  The main print is one of my favorite prints from the collection, and I seriously love the dress, the model, the flowers, the fence-- it really captures the spirit of my designs and this collection!  Big thanks to Melissa at 100 Billion Stars for picking out this pattern!

And here is a free quilt pattern for you!  I designed this quilt which uses all of the fabrics in the collection.  I have to say, I think it would be just as cute using one colorway!

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you guys on Sunday!  I'm also going to be a part of this fabulous group art show on Friday--- more on that in the next post!

Lovelorn Quilt by Jenean Morrison

Have a great week, friends!