Adult Coloring: 10 Tips for Taking Your New Favorite Hobby to the Next Level

Crazy about the adult coloring trend, but ready to go a little deeper into this fun and relaxing activity? Here are 10 tips sure to make coloring even more fun, inspiring and stress-reducing.

1. Explore creative coloring techniques. Coloring doesn’t have to stay between the lines like your were taught in grade school. Instead of solid colors, experiment with dots, lines, shading—even doodling your own designs. Why not practice design instead of just coloring? 

Flower Designs Coloring Book by Jenean Morrison

2. Experiment with a variety of coloring media—pens, pencils, crayons, and markers. You can achieve dramatically different results depending on what you use to color your pages. Try it all, even good old-fashioned crayons, to find your own style.

Jenean Morrison Coloring Books

3. Host a coloring party. Grab your favorite coloring books, your markers and beverages of choice, and color the night away with your friends or family!

Jenean Morrison Coloring Book and Cupcakes

4. Share your work. Join a Facebook coloring group or share on Instagram-- follow the hashtags #coloringbook and #coloriage to see some beautiful inspiration! You can also start your own coloring club, a “reality-based” club that meets in the physical world, or an online affair.

5. Get framed. Now that you’ve got a stack of beautifully colored pages, find ways to frame and display your beautiful works of art. They look great as art prints, matted or not.

Jenean Morrison Coloring Pages, Framed

6. Craft your heart out. Think of your colored pages not as the end of your art project but the beginning. Make some colorable envelopes, decorative frames or even gift wrap and tags. We put self-adhesive laminate on top of colored pages and used magnetic sheets on the back to create these colorful magnets. Craft as imaginatively as you color and you can’t go wrong.

Jenean Morrison Coloring Pages as Magnets

7. Create your own “Coloring Nook.” Everyone needs a little space of their own, for coloring or just creative “me” time in general. Use your new-found coloring craft ideas to decorate your own cozy, personal paradise.

Jenean Morrison Studio

8. Color in public. Now that adult coloring is everyone’s favorite new hobby, it is totally okay to color in public. Waiting rooms, airports, in the office or school—use coloring’s calming powers to keep cool in a stressful place, or just to make a bland experience more colorful.

9. Color your wardrobe. Try coloring on black and white fabric. I used fabric markers to color a border around the bottom of this dress.

Jenean Morrison Fabric and Dress

10. Take color off the page. Ready to branch out from coloring books? Try coloring anything and everything in your home, office, the world! I’ve colored furniture, picture frames, even the walls of my home and art studio. If you’re like me, at a certain point you’ll start creating your own designs to color, too, on and off the page.

Jenean Morrison Coloring Pillow

And just in case you haven't started coloring yet, here's a page from Flower Designs to get you started.

Flower Designs Coloring Book by Jenean Morrison

Jenean Morrison is the best-selling artist/author of 7 self-published coloring books available on Amazon. Four of her books have also been published by traditional publishers in France, Italy and Brazil. And her Flower Designs Coloring Book is coming soon to Japan, Poland and Turkey. Jenean is a designer and fine artist. Her often vintage-inspired work can be found in the Bellagio, Mirage and Aria casinos in Las Vegas. And her licensed designs can be seen on fabric, stationery, scrap book kits and more. Jenean is a homebody who loves to travel and a playful spirit who loves to work. You can find her books on Amazon: