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Sample yardage arrived last week for my newest fabric collection for Free Spirit Fabric, called Silent Cinema. It is always a thrill to have the actual fabric in hand! I have played with it every day since it arrived. Now, when I say “played with it”, what that means is that I have wrapped it around my waist like a skirt and stood in front of the mirror; I’ve draped it over furniture; I’ve moved it from room to room to see it in different light; and I’ve folded and unfolded each print at least twenty times. Oh yeah, and I’ve stared at it for what are probably unhealthy lengths of time. I can’t bring myself to actually cut into it yet. I only have three yards of each print, so some very careful planning will happen before any cutting is made.

I’m very proud of this collection, and I’m so happy to share it with you! Silent Cinema also marks my first venture into substrates. This collection includes laminates and home decor fabrics! Check out the fabric gallery to see the entire line and read more about the inspiration behind the collection.

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